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Tennis Team Connect is the newest USTA team management app for captains and league players.

We brought the USTA into the digital age by simplifying every aspect of team logistics. The app auto loads data from the USTA. No set up required!


Seamless Communication

Tennis Team Connect automatically contacts and reminds players, freeing up time for the captain. Create and publish lineups.


Stay in the know

Tennis Team Connect will notify you of upcoming matches and request your availability. View lineups, scores, and get turn-by-turn directions to matches.


How can Tennis Team Connect help you?


Players can RSVP for every match on the team schedule.

Auto Reminders

Tennis Team Connect will remind players to set their availability before every match.


Captain assigns lineup positions and shows you who's playing.


Get turn-by-turn directions to match locations.

Scores and Results

Track team and individual match scores and view flight standings in real-time

Player Search

View your opponent's record and NTRP rating.


Our Users Love us

Dave Douglass

This app is great for any USTA adult league. As a captain it auto sets the schedule and roster to let me know who’s available for each match. Makes life so much easier and wish I would’ve had the team download it earlier!!

Christian Debergerak

This app works great! It is super easy to use, keeps track of all of my USTA stuff, matches, results, standings. It keeps me informed and isn't too complicated or catchy. It has had a few updates and thing just get better! Works great, and can't wait to see what's next!


As captain of a league team, I like that this app gives a snapshot of the team calendar, and that users can set their availability. Two improvements I would love to see. #1 after I select a player for a position in the lineup , that player's name should no longer be in the list of available players to put in another position; I only want to see remaining names to place in my lineup. #2, I want to be able to publish who is scheduled to play first without necessarily publishing a concrete lineup.

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